Friends of HEDA

Friends of HEDA

In order to combat the constantly belief of “Being thin is beautiful”, HEDA has committed to enhance the consciousness of “Being healthy is the key”. We organize various activities including seminars for professionals, volunteer trainings, school workshops and public promotion activities etc., not only to help the public to increase the knowledge of eating disorders but also cover the preventive education.

Individuals who demonstrate an interest to support HEDA are welcome to join “Friends of HEDA” and fee is not required. All applications shall be subject to the approval of HEDA. For successful application, our latest news as shown below will be sent to the applicants by E-mail:

*Talk/Seminar for professional Volunteer recruitment/training
Flag Day volunteer recruitment HEDA’s newsletter/publication/ media coverage
★★Reminder: activity news for caregivers and patients will not be disseminated to “Friends of HEDA”. People in need please call our hotline 2850 4448 for more details


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