Related to Treatment

Related to Treatment
Q: Can Anorexia Nervosa (AN) be under controlled by medications?
A: Although the treatment of most mental disorders depends partly on medication, there is as yet no medicine shows effectiveness on treating AN. As a results, treatment of AN relies heavily on psychotherapy.
Q: Can Bulimia Nervosa (BN) be cured by medications?
A: Some BN patients have depressive symptoms and their uncontrollable binge eating is caused by their depressive mood. For them, antidepressants can help to make them feel better, thus forestalling the need for eating as a means of venting their negative mood. Even so, the medications can only serve as a temporary control, without psychotherapy, patients relapse once medications halted.
Q: How long does it normally take to recover?
A: The time to recover varies from person to person. It is normally affected by the following factors: the patient's motivation to seek help, the support of his/her significant others, the seriousness of his/her illness, his/her cooperativeness with the treatment team, and whether there are comorbidity with other mental illnesses.
Q: How long will one have to wait to get treatment arranged by HEDA?
A: Under normal circumstances, the arrangement of joining regular groups such as patients’ support groups is faster than individual counseling. For counseling services, one will normally have to wait for one to two months. Nevertheless, exceptional is considered according to the urgency of the case.
Q: Will all personal information relating to my treatment in HEDA be kept confidential?

All personal information of patients will be kept strictly confidential.