Prevention and Education

Education and advocacy

We strongly believed that “Prevention is better than cure”.  We continue to provide education to local students and the public about eating disorders, how slimming culture impacts on one’s self-mage, unhealthy dieting behavior and the importance of balanced diet.

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Character Strengths Promotion Project

Sponsored by Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged and Chen Wai Wai Vivien Foundation Limited, we successfully finished the 2-year “Character Strengths Promotion Project”. By introducing the concept of 24 character strengths, the key elements of positive psychology, in school talks, online exercises, experiential activities and community promotion, the whole project helped the youth to explore their own talents, extend their inner potential and enhance their self esteem so as to increase their life satisfaction and maintain a happy life.  The project was especially focused on the strengths of love, optimism, gratitude, generosity, curiosity and zest, which were proved having high correlation with happy life.

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Body Project Worshop

“Body Project” is a school education program funded by The Health Care and Promotion fund.  It has come to an end in April 2012.  This 2 year project was based on a scientifically researched project ran in the United States, which has adopted the theory of cognitive dissonance.  The goal of this program is to promote positive self image and fight against thin-ideal through various interactive activities.

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