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10 Facts relating to Eating Disorders that you may not know about……

  • Eating Disorders mainly affect young females; about 75% of the patients are between 11-30 years of age.
  • Local studies revived that people who has tried to go on diet are 5-8 times more at risk of having an Eating Disorder than those who has not.
  • Eating Disorders is a kind of psychological illness but not a choice of life- style.
  • Family doctor might not be able to spot out in time that the patient has an eating disorder if he/ she does not have the intention to seek help.
  • Research from other countries suggested that the rate of early mortality for AN patients is higher than other psychological disorders.
  • There is no medicine that targets specifically on Eating Disorders.
  • If Eating Disorders patients receive appropriate treatments, a full recovery is possible.
  • AN patients choose not to eat not because they hate food. On the contrary, they are thinking of food all the time.
  • AN patients do have a chance of turning into BN.
  • Most of the BN patients are at normal body weight, they eat normally as other people which makes it very difficult to find the hidden cases.



10 Tips that would help you to promote self-confidence

  1. Stop talking about topics relating to body figure and weight, your life should have a lot of more important things than fat or thin.
  2. Do not weigh your self-worth on the scale. You are not a piece of meat which sells in the butcher’s stall.
  3. Do not mind the malicious criticisms from others, you are your own master!
  4. Be critical with advertisements/messages from the media, do not give up your own life to their sales techniques.
  5. Do not judge yourself/others’ performance unfavorably because of his/her body size, the prejudicial opinion to oneself or others will only bring harm to all.
  6. Appreciate yourself/others more from their intrinsic qualities and the positive virtues.
  7. Be grateful for what you have in front of the mirror every day, you will discover many unexpected harvests
  8. Love yourself by accepting your own body. You do not live for others.
  9. “Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.” King Lear -  Shakespeare.From now on, get rid of the perfectionism.
  10. The last thing is to believe “Healthy is the key, set your body free.”
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